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Walter Martin Radio Hour #3

Walter Martin Radio Hour #3

Making Love to Turtle Doves etc.

Hi - The Walter Martin Radio Hour is a weekly radio show where I play vinyl from my record collection and rattle off deep and shallow commentary.

In this week’s episode we hear some otherworldly Italian folk music, some American country music, some songs about dying and my favorite song of 2024 (so far) — and lots more. Friends of mine will likely recognize a few of the central songs in my life mixed in there.

There’s no proper theme this week so I just plow through a bunch of records that I love and try to give a glimpse into why they are special to me, how I got into them and why you might love them too. Lots of foundational songs for me in these early episodes. I hope you hear some stuff that’s new and exciting to you.


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Hour long program of scratchy records & deep and shallow ramblings.